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Being a tall girl.

Ok so this is more about me.

There’s so many positives about being tall that I have to point out. I am not saying that there are no positives being short or medium.

It’s just that I need to talk about the tall people.

1. Classic: Everything is easy to reach.

2. You will look better wearing anything because of your tall features.

3. Possibility of having a modeling career.

4. Nobody can let you down when you’re taller than them and you own this * world. If they’re intimidated by you, YOU WIN.

5. Oh thinking about wearing heels? 2 solutions

        a) if you decide to wear: You will frkn look gorgeous with amazing legs. MODEL much.

        b) if you decide not to wear: Your height is unmatched by the person next to you and that is pretty good. By this I mean : Heels cause back problems in the long run, studies show its terrible for your vertebral column. Therefore having a natural tall height, is priceless and a stunning quality.

6. Believe in it and nothing can make you feel down about your height.

Just some thoughts I had to share for the tall people in this world.

72 notes


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